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C24 with Automation - $455.00
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C24 Interactive has an online, easy-to-use web interface that lets customers take accountability and responsibility for their account.
Customers can:

  • Manage their account
  • Review event history
  • Check on system status
  • Arm/disarm their security
  • Set up notification services
  • Control home environment devices
  • View live and archived video and even public IP cameras

Using the latest technology, C24 Interactive offers a range of options including:

  • 24/7 notification of events through mobile devices and computers.
  • Ability to view live video, video clips and pictures from web-enabled mobile devices or computers.
  • Remote, secure web-enabled access lets customers manage their home environment. Customers can arm/disarm their security system, turn lights and appliances on and off, and even adjust the thermostat remotely. Custom schedules can integrate devices to create 'scenarios' for added security – and maximize energy efficiency to save on utility bills.

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