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Total Connect with Alarm Monitoring - $335.00
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Whether you're at home, across the street or across the country, Total Connect lets you utilize the Internet, PDAs, cell phones and other web-enabled devices to control your security system, receive information remotely and much more.

Real-Time Alerts
Specify the exact events you want to know about and when they occur, we'll send you e-mails, text messages or video alerts in real-time. Checking on the kids is as easy as checking your e-mail

Remote Keypad
The remote keypad feature works just like a security system keypad—letting you access and operate your system remotely from anywhere in the world when using your smartphone and other compatible wireless handheld devices. It's never been easier to stay in the know and stay in control.

Total Connect™ Video Services let you effortlessly look in on any location via laptops, PCs and compatible mobile devices whether you’re across the country or across the world.

Custom Video Alerts
You can customize recording settings based on video motion detection or schedules. Choose the exact events you want to view and when they occur, we'll let you know.
For example, you may want to see exactly when your child arrives home from school, when a senior loved one takes their medication or when your business opens in the morning. The possibilties are endless, and the choices are all yours.

Viewing Video
View live streaming video, record and store video clips, take snapshots or have pictures e-mailed to you upon an event

Total Connect Remote Services by Honeywell
Give your home a voice with Total Connect Remote Services from Honeywell.  With this service you get real-time alerts, video services, mobile control, and more.  Whether a door has been opened, a valuable moved, the liquor cabinet exposed, or a water leak detected, Total Connect will tell you via a web-enabled cell phone, tablet, laptop, or computer!
With Total Connect, checking on your kids is as easy as reading a text message.  You can set exact events that you want to know about and be informed of when they occur.  For instance, you can be notified when your child gets home from school, opens the door, and disarms the alarm.  You can also know if an elderly relative has left the property or pressed a panic button.  In addition, with the proper transmitters in place, you will know when a protected area has been breached, a TV has been moved, or when extreme temperatures have been detected.  Be in the know with Honeywell’s Total Connect. 

View Live Video
With Total Connect cameras and the proper setup, you can view what’s happening on your property when you are not there. This means you can remotely view what your cameras are pointing at from your Internet enabled mobile device. In addition, you can even control your camera if you have the right Honeywell PTZ camera in place. This means you can potentially check your living room area out then pan to see your front door.

Great Sense of Control
Of course you can control your Total Connect services from afar.  That’s because your smartphone will serve as a remote keypad in which you can control your Total Connect home automation and security system.  Plus, Total Connect Remote Services apps let you control your security system, receive text messages and email alerts, and again, view live video.   Total Connect gives you a greater sense of control.  No longer do you have to be physically present in your home or property to know what’s happening there.

Business Solution
With Total Connect, the boss is always in.  Business owners can “mind the store” when they are away by keeping a watchful eye over their inventory, employees, and money.  You will know when the door is open and when your security system is armed.  With Total Connect, watch over your employee performance, productivity, and behavior.